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How to set out of office - microsoft 365

This page explains how to set an Automatic Reply (commonly known as an Out Of Office) for a Microsoft 365 mailbox via the website. In most cases it is easier to set this up within your Outlook app if you use that. However if you don’t have Outlook or want to set a message on a shared mailbox this process can be used.

Step 1: Login to

Visit and login using your own details. Even if you are aiming to set the Automatic Reply on a shared mailbox you should login with your own details at this point. Once you are signed in switch to the “Outlook” tab so you are looking at your own emails.

Step 1a: Access a shared mailbox

If you are setting the Automatic Reply on your own mailbox skip to Step 2, however there are additional steps below if your aim is to set a message on a shared mailbox.

You must already have access to the shared mailbox you want to adjust. Usually you would already have the appropriate permission if you usually already have the mailbox showing in your Outlook app.

Firstly click your profile icon at the very top-right of the page which will open the “My Account” options as shown below.  Click “Open another mailbox”.


Microsoft 365 Profile options

This will allow you to pick the mailbox to work with as shown below.

Choose a mailbox dialog

Step 2: set the automatic reply

You should be looking at your own mailbox (or the shared mailbox you wish to adjust) at this point. Click the settings “cog” symbol towards the top-right of the page and then the “View all Outlook settings” link at the bottom – as shown in the image below.

Outlook Settings panel

Finally select “Email > Automatic replies” to access the page to set your automatic reply. You can set a time period for which automatic replies will be sent if required.  It’s important to note that there are two boxes where you can set your message the first is sent to people within your organisation only, and the other is sent to anyone else. Often you would just set them both the same, however this provides the option to send a different message to colleges than you would to external contacts. The screen-shot below shows the steps required.

The full Outlook web settings page

This information is intended to assist our own clients with the issue mentioned. If you find this useful and use it without our guidance you do so at your own risk.